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The invention of safety protective clothing has been a great advancement for many industries that deal with volatile, dangerous or unhygienic materials and fluids. Safety protective clothing comes in many shapes, forms and sizes and with constant advances in health and safety technology we are now able to provide specialised clothing for any employee. These are designed to effectively protect them from workplace dangers whilst still appearing presentable.

Conti Suits, Boiler Suits, Overalls and Dustcoats

These are the most commonly sold safety protective clothing that we have in stock due to the high versatility of these specific styles and the growing market demand. Through the utilisation of poly-fibre textiles we are able to cater for customer-specific needs. We also stock 50/50 poly cotton, 65/35 poly cotton, J54 100% cotton, and also take requests for unique poly-fibre textiles where necessary.

Our safety protective clothing is also available in 12 different stock colours so that you can utilise various colours for specific employees in your business. What’s more is that these suits are acid resistant, flame retardant and allows personal customisation like added reflection tape or utility pockets to ensure that you are always getting exactly what you need.

Visible and Reflective Safety Protective Clothing

Many scenarios call for reflective tape, jackets and peripherals to help in areas of low visibility. This clothing comes in various neon colours and is specifically designed to reduce and eliminate many of the threats related to low visibility in the workplace.

We also stock great protective eye-wear that complements our safety protective clothing perfectly. This protective eye-wear is designed for various workshop and warehouse applications such as welding, drilling and industrial sanding. It utilises a simplistic, functional approach that is both effective and cost-efficient in the business environment.

Don’t gamble with less than reliable safety protective clothing. Visit us today at to view our great range of quality products or contact us directly to discuss your unique existing and future needs.


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