Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection MouldingĀ  in Johannesburg

Plastic Injection Moulding

Contact n Supply Johannesburg have added some plastic injection moulded products to our range.

Here are some of the the plastic injection mould item available from our factory. Plastic injection moulding is done by heating plastic granules until soft, then injecting the melted platic into the mould. Plastic injection mould can be custom designed by the client. The melted plastic is forced into the mould under high pressure. Plastic injection moulding means that the end product is the correct shape for the customers needs. Plastic products from the injection moulds can be used from recycled sources or not per client needs. The advantage of injection moulding is that the plastic products can be en masse, and according to design. Plastic injection moulding has a low scrap rate.

Road Cones, Delineators and Wheel Chocks


For more information on these or any other injection moulded products feel free to contact Contact n Supply or visit the website of our sister company visit the web site of our sister company Contact Plastics


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