Bleach is a chemical product that can be used for domestic and industrial cleaning and stain remover. It has broad-spectrum bactericidal properties making it very useful for disinfectant and sterilizing.


  • Bleaching Wood Pulp for Industrial uses
  • Used in Swimming Pools to control bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Removing of Mildew
  • Killing of Weeds
  • Increasing the longevity of cut flowers

The chemical works by reacting with coloured organic compounds, such as natural pigments, and turn them colourless.

Safer Ways to Use Bleach

  • Dilute it with water for safer cleaning
  • Clean a Surface before you start sterilizing
  • When diluting, use one part bleach to ten parts water

This chemical is great for killing germs, removing stains and whitening clothing

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