Paint Like a Pro

Tips to help you paint like a professional

Contact and Supply is a paint supplier in Springs. We stock a variety of paints and paint products. Here are some tips to ensure your next paint project is successful.

Wait for Dry Weather

Humidity in the air can cause drips and slow drying, so avoid painting on rainy and high-humidity days. If you need to paint while it is humid, don’t rush. It’s a good idea to make use of slow-drying paint to give you the ability to rectify any errors. Be careful not to overwork the paint, or it will show once finished.

Do a Visual Inspection and Prepare

Inspecting and identifying damage such as cracks, flaking or peeling in the old paint is essential. These areas must be scraped or sanded before you can apply a primer. We do this because the weight of the new coat can pull the old paint loose. Greasy or dirty spots can also do with washing with soap and a rinse with clean water.
Otherwise, wipe down the paint areas with a damp cloth to have a clean, dust-free surface for the paint to stick to.

Buy High-Quality Painting Tools

You don’t want to shave on the application process when you spend money on great paint. Good quality brushes and roller covers give excellent coverage, so you don’t waste time. Quality painter’s tape is what you need to seal out drips and blurs.

Know what tools you need

The texture and thickness of the wall you want to paint will determine the type of tools you need. Other things to consider are the condition of the old paint and the effect you want to create. It also factors in choosing the right tools for your specific painting job.

Protect anything you don’t want to be painted

You will never regret the time you spent covering floors, furniture and hardware before a painting job. Drop cloths are a must, and plastic bags secured with tape are an easy way to protect doorknobs.

Remove light switches and outlet covers.

Don’t skip this easy five-minute step.

Use Primer

Paint-and-Primer combos are adequate if you have an already clean, smooth surface. If there are any difficulties with the wall or if it has been more than eight years since you last painted, go with a separate primer.


If you need to cover a challenging surface like glass or high-gloss paint, use a bonding primer.

Consolidate your paint

Getting a realistic estimate of how much paint you will need for the paint job is essential so you can buy it all at once. Then, instead of using only one paint tin at a time, consolidate all your paint into one big container. This helps to keep the colour consistent from beginning to end.

Let the Roller do the work

Premium paints from Contact and Supply a paint Supplier in Springs flow on easily. So there is no need to use a lot of pressure. Be sure to have an extension pole to reach the maximum amount of area with the least effort – and without breaking your back.

Paint from Top to Bottom

After painting the edges at the ceiling and baseboard, use a roller to apply paint from the roof to the floor. Beginner painters often leave drips and splatters at the end of a paint job. Whereas professionals paint over their mistakes as they work down.
Once an area starts to dry, leaving it alone is best, as going back can leave marks and streaks on the paint surface.


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