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Packaging Suppliers – Plastic Bags

Let’s face it; almost everything we use these days has been in some or other sort of packaging at one stage or another. Packaging has become such an everyday part of our lives and it is certainly often overlooked. For this reason, there are numerous  packaging suppliers that companies make use of in order to provide them with unique and well-made packaging items for their consumer goods.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags or consumer bags are probably the most common form of packaging used globally. The nature of this type of packaging makes it extremely versatile in that it can be made into a variety of sizes and forms. Most large retail corporations make use of printed plastic bags which have their company name, logo or slogan printed onto the bag.

Larger plastic bags or refuge bags can be found in almost all households in South Africa. These bags are larger than consumer-sized and printed plastic bags and are often made from more durable or heavy-duty plastic in order to endure a larger amount of content placed into it.

Self Seal Bags

Similar to plastic bags used by consumers to carry their goods, there are also self-sealing bags available for a variety of uses. Unlike printed plastic bags with handles for easy carrying, most packaging suppliers also offer bags with a self-sealing opening. This comprises of two inter-joining plastic pieces that run along the opening of the bag. When pressure is applied to the plastic pieces, generally from one end to the other, the bag is sealed. Self seal branded plastic bags are ideal for many industries and have countless uses, especially for small items supplied by hobby shops, bead shops, hardware stores and so forth. As these plastic bags are able to keep their contents air tight, they are increasingly popular for household use.

LDPE Plastic Bags

LDPE stands for Low-Density Polyethylene and bags of this nature are made for a selection of uses. Plastic packaging for consumed items are sold in printed plastic bags made from LDPE. This is due to the many food, health and safety regulations which specify the use of these plastic bags for safe food storage.


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