Multi-Purpose Overalls

Multi-purpose overalls for harsh working conditions

Overalls are an ingenious invention created for the working man. This fantastic piece of attire or equipment is more than simple apparel and assists in a variety of ways. This includes helping labourers, farmers, fishermen and even scientists keep clean, safe and efficient while they work.

Overalls come in many designs and specialised versions are also available to prevent oils, chemicals and contaminated water or liquids from reaching the skin or clothing underneath. This is most handy in places where oils and chemicals are involved and can also be really effective for the likes of sewerage workers or similar jobs where hygiene needs to take top priority.

Environmental Protection

Overalls assist by protecting users from external environmental hazards. This includes sunlight, cold or hot temperatures, rain and snow. This is especially important for labourers who are working outside or in harsh conditions.

Body Protection

Overalls also protect the human body from small injuries, bruising and so on; for instance sharp or thorny branches, splashing waves or insects. These are often also designed to be flame-resistant, chemical resistant and sometimes even waterproof depending on the actual application and specifcation.


There are many professions that require strong visibility due to the nature of their work or environment. For these scenarios there are a variety of overalls designed to provide visibility of the wearer so that they aren’t run over by a vehicle; lost out at sea; or mistaken for an animal by hunters. These examples are all problems that plagued industries such as road works, fishing and hunting in the past, but today can easily be solved with items such as bright, neon-stripped overalls.


As far as variety is concerned there are an abundance of designs of overalls for the average customer to consider. You may choose from a wide range of different fabrics and weights and these can all come as disposable items or as uniforms. You may also choose varying protective layers to provide resistance to certain elements and chemicals. These are available in different colours to symbolise job status, responsibilities or simply to add colour to the working environment.

We are suppliers of all kinds of protective equipment that you may need for a variety of industries, from overaoverallslls to eye-safety goggles. If you need quality equipment that you can trust to keep your employees safe, clean and hygienic at all times, then visit our products page or call us directly at Contact & Supply to enquire further.


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