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Flame Retardant Clothing

Flame retardants are used in reducing the impact of fire on persons wearing the clothing. “Flame retardant” refers to a function in reducing the risk of burn injury to the wearer. Flame retardant chemicals are used to treat or added to potentially flammable material (including textiles and plastics). In the past, non flame retardant clothing would burn and melt onto the person wearing the clothing

Flame retardant clothing does not prevent you from being burned while standing in a fire, but provides protection against those working with fire Hazards.

Acid Resistance

Acidity is measured on a ph (per hydrogen) scale with 0 – 1 being most acidic eg battery acid, and 14 being the most alkali. Milk would be neutral in a good state between 6 and 8. Water with a ph of 5 is 10x more acidic than water with a ph 6.

Acid resistance is the ability to withstand an acid of pH 2.5 or less. The ability to withstand destructive acids.

“Acid resistance” is a measurement of a surface’s ability to resist the corrosive effect of acids. (Wikipedia).


Flame retardant withstands “flames and fire”, acid resistance withstands “acid”.

Application (Example):

Working in a high-risk environment where you or your staff are exposed to flammable substances or acidic chemicals, clothing that has been coated in acid-resistant and flame-retardant coats are essential for health and safety.

Saving lives: These clothes can potentially save lives, reducing infection should there be an injury


  • Acid resistant
  • Washable
  • Flame resistant


  • For women and men
  • Various colours available eg Blue, green Khaki, red

Safety Issues

Wash separately from other clothes to avoid damaging the protective layer Check the labels well before adding extra chemicals such as softening fluids to the washable


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