Protective Wear

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Contact & Supply provides safety and personal protective clothing, acid resistant, fire retardant clothing as well as overalls. We also have tools, hardware including paints, solvents abrasives and tapes. Looking for bulk packaging or custom design for you bags? We have a wide selection of plastic bags & packaging.

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Protective clothing

Safety and personal protective clothing can protect you and improve work performance. Contact n Supply stock a full range of protective clothing and safety equipment.

Here are some of the items we carry in stock.

New in the Contact n Supply protective clothing Range - Kiddies overalls

Conti suits, boiler suits, ladies overalls & dustcoats

Boiler suit red
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Ladies canteen overall
Conti suit
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Contact n Supply stocks all types of overalls in various colours. As part of our overall range We also supply Conti suits, boiler suits, ladies overalls and dustcoats in various materials such as 50/50 poly cotton, 65/35 poly cotton, J54 100% cotton, Acid resistant and Flame retardant. Reflective tape can also be sewn onto the garments on customer request.

Various colours are available as listed below.

Royal Blue


Emerald Green
















Navy Blue


Fern Green - Flame Retardant


Bottle Green - Acid Resistant

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High visibility protective clothing, reflective clothing & related products

Contact n Supply stocks all types of high visibility clothing and reflective products as safety or protective clothing.

Protective clothing improves visibility in the workplace or construction area and is of high priority and in some cases required by the OHS Act. We cannot afford our customers to be without these required items at any stage.

Contact us for any high visibility clothing or equipment not listed here. If it is something we do not have in stock, we will get it for you.

Barrier tape red and white
Reflective tape
Hi viz bunny jackets
Reflective waistcoat
Road cone
Amber vehicle light
Buggy whip flag
Orange barrier net


First aid kit

Safety signs and symbolic signs

We are now accredited agents for symbolic signage, safety and other, for offices industry, warehouses and public areas, we have a full range of the latest symbolic signs and we can deliver to you if required within 48 hours. The standard sizes we make are:





The signage is available in ABS plastic for indoor usage and CHROMODEK for outdoor usage. We are also able to make up any size or configuration of saftey signs to order.

First aid & fire fighting equipment

First aid kit
Fire extinguishers
Fire blanket
Fire hose reel
First aid kit refill

Protective equipment including first aid kits and fire fighting equipment.

Looking for first aid kits, fire fighting equipment and related safety equipment? Contact n Supply Johannesburg stocks all different types of fire fighting equipment and first aid products as required by law for health and safety in a home of office.

First aid boxes are mainly available in three different sizes, though any first aid kit can be custom ordered. The main sellers are motorist kits, regulation 3 and regulation 7 kits.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers are available in several sizes as well as different types of extinguishing properties such as CO2, powder and liquid. Hose reels, fire blankets and smoke detectors are also available from us.

As an added service to our customers we can also send fire extinguishers in for service and certification. Fire extinguishers need to be serviced yearly to prevent the materials being inactive or useless when there is a fire. Fire extinguishers have dates of service on the labels to help the customer remember when the extinguisher is ready for a service

Smoke detector

Protective eye wear

From clear grinding goggles to sporty mirror specs and even welding helmets and face shields, we sell them all.

We stock a large range of eye protection in all forms available. We cater for a range of applications and customer preference. From affordable disposable safety spectacles to a more expensive type of safety spectacle, we cater for all.

If you need any specific type of eye protection please feel free to contact us.

Sport spec clear

Protective Gloves

Euro spec green
Grinding goggle
Clear face shield
Uero spec clear
Welding goggles
Latex examination gloves
pigskin vip

We stock an extensive range of protective gloves available in various types of material.

From disposable deli gloves, examination gloves to nitrile dipped super grip gloves, leather gloves, pvc gloves and even heat and flame resistant kevlar gloves.

We have the right glove for any application.

PVC knit wrist gloves
Super grip gloves
Pig skin candy stripe

Ear & head protection

We sell a full range of ear and head protection.

We stock all types of ear plugs from non-corded disposable to corded reusable and even detectable ear plugs as required by some of our customers. Ear muffs are also available from us in various types

Hard hats and chin straps are also in high demand. We stock various styles and colours to suit everyone.

Un corded ear plugs
clip on ear muffs
corded re-usable ear plug
Ear muff
Corded disposable ear plugs
Headband type ear plug
hard hat nikki
Chin strap

Respiratory protection

Single respirator
greenline dust mask
3M full face mask
P3 filters
3m double respirator
Hazmat p2 filter

Our range of dust masks and respirator masks will protect you from many forms of toxins in and around your work place.

From paper dust masks with or without breathe assist valves and even carbon linings for welding fumes, to single and double respirator masks or full face masks. We stock them all and also sell the replacement cartridges for them.

We have masks for all applications and environments.

Safety Shoes and Gumboots

induna gumboot

Contact n Supply Johannesburg carries a full range of safety shoes and gumboots.

Safety shoes with steel toe and non steel toe as well as anti penetrating and heat resistant soles are available in our range, as well as gumboots for industrial, agricultural and mining applications.

For our full range of safety shoes please click on the link below.

watershoe white
Rebel shoe logo bronx-footwear
white gumboot

click on the REBEL logo to view our shoe catalogue

We will soon stock BRONX safety footwear