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Contact & Supply provides quality tools & hardware products, including paints, solvents abrasives and tapes. We also offers the most reliable and affordable protective wear, a wide selection of plastic bags & packaging in the industry.

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We stock a wide range of quality plastic bags, packaging and related products.

Here are some of the items we carry in stock.

Clear and smokey LDPE Quality Plastic Bags and tubing

Clear ldpe bags
Clear tubing

We keep a large variety of clear LDPE quality plastic bags in stock, from freezer plastic bags for domestic use to heavy duty thick micron bags for industrial packaging purposes.

We can custom make bags to customer specification should we not have the requested bag as a stock item. Our clear plastic bags are made from a food safe virgin quality material and are manufactured to strict SABS regulation.

Should a customer need a cheaper alternative and a food grade or a virgin bag is not necessary we can offer a cost saving bag made from recycled material, normally called smokey bags.

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Self seal / Ziplock bags

Self seal or Ziplock plastic bags as some call them has a thousand uses and no household or business should be without at least one or two sizes of these in the toolbox, fishing box or cupboard.

We supply these quality plastic bags mainly to bead shops, fishing tackle shops and some avid fishermen who use them to pack their own traces and strops. We carry a range of sizes and always have stock as these bags are very popular.

Self seal bags

Bin liners & refuse plastic bags

Coloured bin liners
Refuse bags

Bin liners and refuse bags are in high demand as every household and business have refuse or some form of waste to bag and dispose of.

We keep refuse bags in various thickness and can also custom make to client specification. Our main colours carried as stock are black, red, green, clear and beige, though any other colour needed by our customers can be custom made.

We stock bin liners in seven standard colours as certain institutions and companies need to differentiate between the type of waste to dispose and therefore colour code these with the bags they use. These bin liners can also be made to any custom size or thickness as per customer request.

Boutique & Vest type carrier bags

We supply a range of boutique bags in various colours and sizes to retail outlets such as music shops, jewellery stores, boutiques and clothing stores.

Branding of these bags are also in demand and we offer this service as well. We can print up to six colours on any of these bags.

The vest type carrier is probably one of the best known plastic bags available as every shop use these to pack customer goods into. We sell these carriers in five sizes and also carry various colours. Printing on these bags are also available.

Coloured boutique bags
Carrier bags

Printed bags

Reliable warehouse printed Fish food bag
Enterprise printed bad

As mentioned above, we offer our clients branded packaging, creating awareness and acting as advertisement for their companies, giving them an edge over their opposition.

We print and brand any type of bag from clear bags, coloured bags to carrier bags (both vest type and boutique) and tubing. You supply us with your company logo or picture, specify the bag size and thickness and we take care of the rest. Our advanced printing machines are capable of doing jobs very few companies are able to do, such as print up to six colours.

Try us for your next big expo or company promotion. Get seen in the marketplace and give your opposition some strong competition.

Bulk bags and woven bags

Bulk bags are popular in the mining and agricultural sector. Mines would use them for loading large amounts of rock and gravel samples and in the agricultural sector they are used for packing sugar, seeds and grains.

These bulk bags are manufactured from a very strong woven polypropylene material and can hold up to a few tons depending on the style and size of the bags. We can supply these bags in a couple of different options depending on the product its used for. Some examples are, open top, duffel top, filling spout, closed bottom, discharge spout or discharge spout with a flap. Any of these options can be combined to supply the customer with the right bag for the job.

We also sell woven polypropylene bags in various sizes, with or without lamination or liners. We can manufacture these bags to customer specification and also do printing on them.

Bukl bag
Woven polyprop bags

Heat sealers and accessories

Heat sealer teflon
Foot sealer
Hand sealer with blade
heat sealer wire

We sell a range of heat sealing machines in various types and sizes as well as spares and accessories for them.

These machines are available in two forms of operation, hand operated and foot operated. Hand operated machines are mainly used where a one hand operation is possible and smaller packaging will be sealed . The foot operated machine on the other hand will be used where one need both hands to handle the packaging and generally seal larger packages.

All spares and accessories such as elements, teflon tape, micro switches and transformers are available from us. We also service these machines on site.

Boxes, bubble wrap and related products

Packing stock for transport, moving house, protecting painted surfaces or covering furniture against scratches, we have right the product for all of these applications.

We sell various size boxes, bubble wrap, SKF corrugated rolls, packaging tape, pallet wrap, plastic strapping, woven strapping, metal strapping, strapping tools, strapping clips and seals, packaging tape dispensers and basically everything needed to package any product safe and ready for shipment.

Pallet wrap
polywoven strapping
Packaging tape
Strapping tool

Catering products and disposable cutlery

Cling wrap
Fomo cups
plastic cutlery
fomo tray
Aluminium Foil
brown paper roll

We sell all types of disposable cutlery and catering products.

Some of these products include, plastic spoons, knives and forks, foam glasses and foam trays, plastic disposable glasses and plates, foil and cling wrap, resinite film rolls, drinking straws, brown paper bags and stirrer sticks to mention but a few.

Brown paper bags
wrapped traws

Plastic & glass bottles, buckets & containers

clear containers

A wide variety of plastic bottles, jars, buckets, microwaveable containers and many other types of plastic and glass containers are available from us.

We supply a range of different companies with containers to package chemicals, water samples, dairy products, food, cleaning chemicals and many more.

Contact us for any type of container and we will do our best to help.

5lt plastic bottle
clear jar
Plastic bucket
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